About the Productivity Puzzle


Since the beginning of the recession in 2007 – UK labour productivity has been exceptionally weak. Today whole economy output is some 16% lower than the trend implied by pre-crisis levels.

Productivity is the number one issue facing UK industry. As economist Paul Krugman says “productivity isn’t everything, but it’s nearly everything”.

This website is aimed at business leaders who want to understand how to accelerate productivity improvements in their organisations, or who want to share their best practice and experience with others.

Some of the most important voices in industry at home and overseas have already shared their views through documents, articles and videos. Please explore – and remember to sign up so you can get access to exclusive content, and create favourite articles.



About Unipart


Unipart is one of Britain’s largest employee-owned companies. Formed nearly three decades ago, Unipart created the agenda for a different kind of company, that would become a model of operational excellence providing logistics, manufacturing and consultancy services.

At the heart of our Group is The Unipart Way – a system that engages every single employee within an organisation. It not only motivates people, it equips them with the skills to diagnose problems and create innovative solutions that make a dramatic difference. It enables Unipart to deliver sustained improvements not just for ourselves, but for a wide range of companies.

Our approach has given us unique insight into the ‘productivity puzzle’ and, in 2015, we launched the Productivity Puzzle website to enable us to share the latest news and thinking about productivity, not only from Unipart but from around the world.

To find out more about Unipart, visit www.unipart.com or email [email protected]