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Want to increase your productivity?  Huffpost gives us 5 simple ways to help entrepreneurs boost their business productivity.

The number one goal of every entrepreneur is to be successful in business. Despite this goal, we still have an alarming rate of business failure. A study revealed that the number of businesses that closed down exceeded the number of new ventures for the first time in three decades. It was a sign that productive entrepreneurial activity is declining.

Productivity is at the heart of every business whether small, medium or large. A business with high productivity is driven by efficiency and achievement. However, low productivity will surely affect the business in terms of its sustainability and survival. Here are 5 ways entrepreneurs can increase business productivity.

1. Watch your habits

Achieving high business productivity doesn't just happen spontaneously. It's a deliberate and conscious effort on a daily basis. Therefore, what you do daily in the office goes a long way to determine your how productive you will be in your business.

There are lots of bad habits that have cut short the success of many businesses. Issues like coming late to office, going on too many vacations and being preoccupied with gadgets that you neglect your work have ruined many businesses. To be highly productive you need to watch your daily habits and do the opposite of the habits that don't serve you.

2. Be Time Conscious and Manage Your Time

Time is very important in business and must be adequately managed to be productive. For instance, business related activities should be apportioned specific time period. This makes it easy to determine whether the set tasks were carried out in a timely manner.

Entrepreneurs should set a specific time to spend with family and friends, investors, and business partners. If you're the type that keeps your phone handy you can get time management apps that can constantly put you on alert regarding time usage and task completion. This will keep you on your toes and you'll be able to effectively manage your time.

3. Utilize 'One-on-one Meeting' Approach

One of the everyday activities in my former place of work is having one-on-one meetings between our team leader and team members. One may argue that they're lots of communication medium such as email, memos or phone calls. But a daily chat with your team is advantageous.

First, it helps a team leader or manager know the views and opinions of each member since the one-on-one meeting encourages instant feedback. The next reason is that it provides an open environment where no one is afraid of communicating. This, in turn, helps to encourage creativity, innovation, and improve team members' performance.

4. Outsource and Automate Some Business Processes

As a business owner, you can't do everything on your own. Successful entrepreneurs know this so they delegate or outsource their tasks so that they can save their creative energy to do more impactful things.

Automating your business processes is also another way to have enough time to do more productive work. The best part about automation is that you not only cut back on time, it is also cost effective.

5.  Stay healthy

Ever wondered why you see a lot of entrepreneurs workout regularly and maintain a healthy diet? One must be very healthy to achieve high business productivity. This is why entrepreneurs make sure that they are in good shape so that they can get more work done. You can never do quality work if you are burnout.

To stay healthy engage in early morning exercises. Don't skip breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day. Make sure that you go for medical checkup to know how well your body is performing. These will greatly help you to stay healthy and enhance your productivity.